Richard Wright – Wet Dream

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29. september 2023

‘Wet Dream’ Track Listing:


  1.    “Mediterranean C”
  2.    “Against the Odds”        
  3.    “Cat Cruise”
  4.    “Summer Elegy”
  5.    “Waves”
  6.    “Holiday”
  7.    “Mad Yannis Dance”
  8.    “Drop In from the Top”
  9.    “Pink’s Song”
  10.    “Funky Deux”

Richard Wright the keyboardist and founder members of Pink Floyd released two solo album’s the first being ‘Wet Dream’ in 1978 which will be re-released for the first time in 40 years.


Richard Wright’s debut solo album, ‘Wet Dream’, is to be reissued on vinyl for the first time since its original release in 1978 this time in deep blue transparent marbled. It will also be available on streaming platforms for the first time ever including a new Dolby Atmos mix, on CD and on blu-ray which includes a 5.1 mix and never before released personal images and videos from around this period of his life.


Remixed by Steven Wilson, this reissue comes with brand new artwork that was commissioned and art-directed by Gala and Jamie Wright, Richard’s children and managers of his estate. As per the original release, the bi-fold sleeve folds out to extend the image and features the same vibrant colour palette. This time, the unidentified person in bright red shorts is swimming within deep blue waters of the sea rather than a pool and the image expands out to reveal a boat slightly out of their reach, referencing the nautical theme of the record. The image was taken by Costas Spathis, a photographer living and working in Greece, which is where the album was written and the graphic design is by Carl Glover. The original artwork was designed by Storm Thorgerson and photographed by Audrey Powell for Hipgnosis and features in the vinyl booklet.


Upon rediscovering this record, it becomes hugely apparent how much of Richard’s DNA runs through Pink Floyd. His distinct rhythm patterns, song structure and style of play exudes throughout, shining a light on his unique talent and influence on modern music.

When originally released, post Pink Floyd’s ‘Animals’ (1977) and shortly before ‘The Wall’ (1979), ‘Wet Dream’ was largely under-appreciated. Steven Wilson’s mix gives new life to the record demonstrating Wright’s brilliance. He wrote and produced the whole album himself and it was one of only three albums released outside of Pink Floyd-  ‘Broken China’, his second solo album from 1996 and ‘Identity’, released in 1983 under the guise of Zee, a duet with Dave Harris from Fashion.


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